Photo of residence hall room with lofts

Multiple options exist for students to maximize floor space in the residence halls. Among those are Western Michigan University-provided loftable or bunkable beds, or you may build or rent your own loft. Homemade or purchased lofts are not allowed in halls with loftable beds.

Loftable beds

Loftable beds, like the one shown above, can be arranged in any number of ways. Students can loft both beds, as in the picture above, put one up and one down or even bunk them. Movable furniture like desks and dressers can fit underneath the loft, as well as futons and small couches. The following halls have loftable beds.

The following halls have new beds that come bunked.

Bunkable beds

Beds in these halls can be stacked on top of each other to make bunk beds using the existing bed frames. They cannot be lofted. Contact the hall office or front desks to get equipment to bunk the beds.