Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities are an opportunity for Western Michigan University students to live on a floor with peers who share similar interests, schedules or majors. They help facilitate study groups, social connections and exposure to a more seamless university experience.  Many communities have additional supports like tutoring centers, on-site advising and special facilities.

Academic learning communities

It’s not required to live in the community if you are a member of the college it represents, but many students enjoy the advantage of people pursuing the same major living around them. 

Honors-based Learning Communities

Students who are a part of the Lee Honors College can choose from two honors communities or honors sections within some of WMU’s existing academic learning communities. Honors sections mean, as numbers allow, that roommates and suitemates are also in the Honors College.

Interest-based learning communities

These communities bring together students with similar interests or life experiences.

How do I sign up for a community?

During the online sign-up process, you will be asked to select a Living Learning Community if you are interested in living in one. Simply select your preferred community and indicate the residence hall it’s located in as your first-choice building. Space is limited after May 15, so list an additional three residence hall preferences.

If you have a roommate preference, both you and your roommate must request each other in order to be assigned together. For academic learning communities, if your requested roommate is not in the affiliated college, we may not be able to place you together in the learning community if interest in the community is high.

Current WMU students interested in living in a learning community should come to the Residence Life office to sign up.