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Residence Halls

Garneau/Harvey Hall Valley 2

Garneau/Harvey is a great place for students who want to get involved and have a successful first year. The hall hosts the Education Community, Science Scholars and Magellan House, a community for students who want to explore everything WMU has to offer. A center for academic success with tutoring and advising services is located in the hall, and ample parking is right outside.

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Hall Highlights

Garneau/Harvey room layout
Room dimensions:
Bedroom 12' by 12' 2"
Entrance 5' 5" by 6' 1"

The Room

Suites consist of two rooms that share a connecting bathroom. A total of four people live in a suite.

Furniture provided

What about the bathroom?

The Staff

Kate Papson Megan Tingwald

Hall office phone:
(269) 387-4763

Front desk phone:
(269) 387-4764

Hall Director:
Kate Papson

Graduate Assistant:
Megan Tingwald