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Ernest/Smith Burnhams Hall Big 4

Students in the Burnhams are a diverse group who create a fun and friendly environment. Residents include student athletes, so there is a constant hub of activity with athletic events to attend to support your neighbors. The hall organizes weekly activities as well as highlights different resources and events offered on campus. The Burnhams is conveniently located next to the Dalton Center and Waldo Library. A dining hall is located within the building.

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Hall Highlights

  • Coed with male and female floors
  • Large rooms in a community bath hall; bathrooms are cleaned and re-checked daily by professional custodial staff
  • Some three-person rooms and quads assigned
  • Dining hall located within the building


Earnest Smith Room Layout
Room dimensions:
Bedroom 9' 5" by 13' 5"
Study room 8' 5" by 13' 5"

The Room

Entry room intended as living room, second room intended as bedroom. Some students will set up the room with each having a semi-private bedroom.

Furniture provided

The Staff

Christopher Eimerman photo Tyler Sanders

Hall office phone:
(269) 387-6632

Ernest desk phone:
(269) 387-6624

Smith desk phone:
(269) 387-6631

Hall Director:
Christopher Eimerman

Graduate Assistant: 
Tyler Sanders