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Learning Community Assistant Job Description

Learning Community Assistants (LCAs) provide the intentional focus for a Living Learning Community via programming and academic support. LCAs work with RAs, HDs, GAs and university stakeholders to foster community success. The position requires an individual who is flexible enough to assume a variety of roles as dictated by the changing needs of students. It is crucial that an individual be able to relate well to others and handle administrative responsibilities. The LCA is more than just a friendly presence; she/he is the crucial link in creating an intentional experience for Living Learning Community residents.

Position Requirements

2014-2015 application for Learning Community Assistant (LCA) positions is available online. The application and references are due midnight January 20, 2014.

Residence Life seeks candidates who enjoy working in a community setting and fostering a living/learning community. Applicants must:

LCA applicants for academic communities must be majoring in the college the community represents. Academic LCAs must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply for and retain the position.

Any additional employment may not exceed 15 hours off-campus or 10 hours on-campus and must be approved by Residence Life. Outside employment must not interfere with the LCA responsibilities.

Applications will not be accepted or interviews scheduled for anyone not meeting the above criteria.

Position Responsibilities

LCAs are responsible for the following key areas:

For a more detailed position description, please contact Residence Life.


Time Commitment

The nature of the LCA position is such that its responsibilities are determined not so much by a time clock or a calendar, but by the needs of residents and the community. Some periods, such as training and opening will require more time than average, but other responsibilities will arise that cannot always be anticipated and scheduled. Key time commitments include: