How Do I Change My Housing Assignment?

To change your WMU residence hall room assignment or roommate, log into the housing system to see where available space remains. You may need to look multiple times to find the space you want. This feature will be open until July 20. After July 20, no moves will be granted until the third week of the fall semester.

 Use the step-by-step guide with hints and suggestions to make it easy. Trust us, it helps! 

How to change assignments

Getting started

Log into GoWMU and under the My Self Service section on the left, choose the link "Residence Life Housing." Select “residence halls” and follow the directions from there. 

  • Change rooms/halls – choose hall, scan for open spaces, claim a bed
  • Change roommate – look for open rooms both students can claim; may need to look at multiple halls to find an open room
  • Learning communities – click on the learning community name to see availability on those floors
    • If the roommate you want is not eligible for the learning community, contact Residence Life. For example, an aviation student living in Aviation House wants to room with a political science major. The political science major won’t be able to access Aviation House open rooms. Contact our office and we can help.

Will I know who else is in the room?

No, you can’t see a roommate’s name. However, if you click on the occupied bed, you’ll see the person’s answers to the living habits questions. That can help with finding a compatible roommate.


  • The hall/room I want doesn’t show up

If a hall or floor does not appear in the system, then there are no open spaces on it at this time. Keep checking in case something opens later.

  • The hall/floor shows up but it won’t open

You are not eligible for that hall/floor. For example, if you don’t have a meal plan, you will only be able to access Garneau, Harvey and Henry halls to look for space.