Business Community

Students in the Haworth College of Business or seeking a business-related career can opt to live in WMU’s Business Community. Located in Harrison Hall, the community is a great opportunity for those pursuing a business-related field to interact and study together. The Haworth College of Business is actively involved with the community.

For students who are a part of the Lee Honors College, there is a Business Learning Community–Honors option. Students who chose the honors option will have a roommate and suitemates who are also in the Honors College. 

Community highlights

  • Residents are a mixture of pre-business students and those with an interest in a business-related career.
  • Residents are often in the same courses their first two semesters.
  • Tutoring services located in the hall aimed at the needs of first-year and pre-business students.
  • Past activities include pizza with alumni, ice cream social with business ambassadors, dinners with faculty, connecting with business student organizations, how to get a business externship.
  • Opportunities to interact with alumni and upperlevel students connected with the Haworth College of Business.
  • Two Learning Community Assistants who are in the Haworth College of Business.
  • There is a fitness room located in Harrison Hall.