Apartment Move In


Western Michigan University Apartments are available by contract or lease dates that match semester dates for the academic calendar. Due to the limited amount of time between semesters and the large number of people moving in and out, it is not possible to move in before your effective move-in date.

You can pick up your keys between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, in the Residence Life office, located on the third floor of the Faunce Student Services Building. You may move in any time on or after your move in date, but your rent begins on the day your lease/contract is dated. If you are married, you will be asked to provide an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate (and birth certificates for your children, if applicable) to verify eligibility. Passports for international students are accepted as verification of family status. Only those persons listed on the lease may reside in the apartment.

Necessary payments

Elmwood, Goldsworth Valley and Stadium Drive: A non-refundable Cleaning Fee of $250 will be applied to your student account. If you share an apartment with another student, each of you will pay an equal portion of the total cleaning fee.

Moving permit–Stadium Drive complex

If you are moving into a Stadium Drive apartment, you may request a moving permit to drive inside the courtyard area for unloading large items. These permits are free and available at the Residence Life office. This is the only way and time you are allowed to drive vehicles in the courtyard.

Move-in inspection form

When you move in, you will receive a move-in inspection form. It is in your best interest to be thorough when completing this form, as it will be used to assess any damages at move-out time. You are responsible for returning your move-in form within seven days to the Residence Life office.