2013 Thesis Celebration Days

Dec. 4

9 a.m., room 1024: William Strong, exercise science, "OBM Thesis Project: Composing an Undergraduate Thesis Manual," Richard Malott, chair

5 p.m., room 1022: Joshua Kaylor, social studies education, "Ancient Egypt and the Middle East Unit, Grade Six," James Muchmore, chair

Dec. 5

11 a.m., room 1022: Maha Alfaidi, biomedical sciences, "Use of a Specific Acetylcholine Receptor Agonist in an In-Viro Rat Glaucoma Model," Cindy Linn, chair

3 p.m., room 1024: Amanda Klage, human resource management, "'Ovar' come the silence for Ovarian Cancer Awareness," James Lewis, chair

Dec. 6

10 a.m., room 1022: Serena Chambers, biomedical sciences, "Rapid Test for Determining the Presence of Oleic Acid," John Geiser, chair

Noon, room 1022: John Duhan, history, "Vive le Proletariat: The 1968 Revolt of French Workers and Students," Eli Rubin, chair

1 p.m., room 1024: Jordan Rossio, English, "God Only Knows: Family in the films of Paul Thomas Anderson," Nicolas Witschi, chair

2 p.m., room 1022: Rebecca Monterusso, biochemistry, "When All Seems Lost: a Discussion on the Implications of Using Medicine for Scientific Advances," Nicholas Andreadis, chair

2 p.m., learning lab: Lauren Ross, interdisciplinary health services, "A Holistic Approach to Therapy and Management of Lower Back Pain," Richard Oxhandler, chair

3 p.m., room 1022: Kyle Kaminski, psychology, "The Consequence of Independence: A Sociological Analysis of the Suicide Epidemic in Lithuania," Chien-Juh Gu, chair

3 p.m., room 1024: Elyse Malnekoff, global and international studies, Cattle Smuggling from India to Bangladesh, Donald McCloud, chair

4 p.m., room 1024: Brittnae Cole, special education and literacy studies, "Effective Teaching Practices to Strengthen Outcomes for Students with Emotional Behavior Disorders," Sarah Summy, chair

5 p.m., room 1022: Jared Madden, English: secondary education, "Biracial Identity in Texts Read by Secondary Education Students," John Saillant, chair

5 p.m., room 1024: Kevin Heinze, biomedical sciences, "Mechanisms of Neuroprotection Against Retinal Ganglion Cell Loss Using an In Vivo Glaucoma Model," Cindy Linn, chair

5 p.m., learning lab: Paige Van De Winkle, English, "Identity and Gender Constructs in 'Nightwood' and 'Written on the Body,'" Christopher Nagle, chair

5 p.m., lounge: Benjamin Woody, film, video and media Studies, "Portfolio Case Study on Film Production/Fly Paper Music Video Screening," Jennifer Machiorlatti, chair

6 p.m., room 1022: Ryan Hannah, social studies education, "The Effect of Classroom Environment on Student Learning," Dini Metro-Roland, chair

6 p.m., lounge: Cassandra Stagner, film, video and media Studies, "The Heart of the Lower Story: Thesis Exhibition," Cat Crotchett, chair