The Lee Honors College is pleased to offer five scholarship opportunities to students that can be used for any term. The Lee Honors College Awards Review Committee will determine which award best fits your request, and will award funding based on your proposal. Awards are based on the quality of the proposal, not on financial need. Individual students will typically not receive multiple awards within a single application period. Lee Honors College students are eligible to receive up to two study abroad or research and creative activities awards (or one of each type) during their time as an honors student at WMU.


For use in spring 2015

  • Deadline: Sept. 30
  • Announced: Nov. 15

For use in summer and fall 2014

  • Deadline: Jan. 31
  • Announced: March 10

Applications must meet the following criteria

  • Applicants must be full-time WMU undergraduate students.
  • Student must be in good standing with the University and the Lee Honors College in all areas.
  • Project mentors must be full-time faculty or staff at Western Michigan University.

Using an award for travel only

  • Students may use funds from any of the awards for travel expenses related to the purpose of their proposal.
  • The application must describe how the travel experience will benefit, strengthen and broaden the undergraduate experience.

Note: Please submit all paperwork and requested materials accurately and completely in order to facilitate the work of the committee and increase your opportunity to achieve a positive outcome. Incomplete or late applications will not receive consideration unless prior arrangements are made with the dean of the honors college, Dr. Carla Koretsky.

It is strongly recommended that students work with their mentor on the application.