Cultural Events

All freshmen are required to attend at least four cultural events in their first year and two cultural events in their second year. For each cultural event, students need to provide a written response using the form linked below that describes and critiques their experience.

During the year these responses are to be submitted to our graduate assistant via email at or at the front desk in the Lee Honors College office, and will become part of the students’ files used as we perform our yearly audit. If you include your cultural event responses in your iWebfolio, you do not need to submit them on paper to the honors college—we will view them online.

Most of our students already participate widely in the cultural life of the campus. The Lee Honors College has always tried to challenge its students to be citizens of the University and the world in the broadest possible way. This requirement aims to encourage students to learn (and, we hope, to love) as much as they can about the cultural life that is the heart of any civilized society and the soul of any civilized person.

Cultural events can be defined broadly, but are most specifically from the following categories:

What does not constitute a cultural event?

The list of acceptable cultural events does not include raves, hootenannies, hockey games, NASCAR races, visits to tattoo parlors, square dances or concerts of popular music, no matter how much fun these things might be. If you have any questions, please contact our graduate assistant at (269) 387-3230.

Submit a cultural event

All questions regarding the appropriateness or acceptance of an activity as a cultural event should be submitted to the graduate assistant prior to the event. All cultural event submissions should be made using the cultural event form and delivered to the graduate assistant or emailed to at the Lee Honors College.