Undergraduate Minor Curriculum

Western Michigan University's holistic health minor involves a prerequisite and an 18-credit hour course of study. Students enrolled in the minor must maintain a 2.5 GPA in courses taken for the minor.


HOL 1000 Choices in Living (three credits) is a prerequisite for the minor. See the advisor for equivalent courses that can be used to replace HOL 1000.

Required courses: 9 credits

There are three required courses for the minor (each three credits).

HOL 2000 Choices in Global Living 
HOL 4400 Issues and Ethics in Holistic Health (HOL 1000 and HOL 2000 are prerequisites for HOL 4400)
HOL 4700 Relationship-Centered Skills (or HOL 5360 Counseling Skills for Health Professionals)

Elective courses: 9 credits

Choose nine credits of appropriate electives, with at least one three-credit course being an HOL elective class. You may choose from the following list of HOL courses, which includes applicable 500-level courses, or see an advisor in the College of Health and Human Services for approval of non-HOL electives. 

Holistic health modalities

HOL 3000 Exploring Practices in Integrative Health Care
HOL 5500 Holism and Expressive Arts
HOL 5510 Healing through Visual Art
HOL 5520 Healing through Movement
HOL 5370 Health and Humor

Issues in holistic health

HOL 3300 Holism and the Environment
HOL 3960 Learning, Work, and Lifestyles: Holistic Perspectives
HOL 5320 Holistic Approaches to Relationships
HOL 5340 Holistic Health and Spirituality
HOL 5350 Holistic Approaches to Stress
HOL 5550 Successful Aging: Holistic Approaches
HOL 5980 Independent Study in Holistic Health

Special topics courses

HOL 5300: Biofeedback and Neurofeedback,  3 credit hours
HOL 5300: Humor/Fun Brain's Best Learning Strategies,  3 credit hours
HOL 5300: Experiential/Adventure Education Certification, 3 credit hours
HOL 5301: Meditation to Enhance Living, 1 credit hour

Integrative holistic health and wellness courses are offered weekly on the main Kalamazoo campus, as well as in a weekend format through Extended University Programs at regional locations in Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Benton Harbor (WMU-Southwest) and Traverse City.

Total: 18 credits