Apply to the Graduate Certificate Program

Admission criteria

The faculty of Western Michigan University's integrative holistic health and wellness program have established the following criteria to be important in the selection of applicants for admission to the certificate program:

  • Evidence of ability to do graduate work
  • Academic preparation in the behavioral sciences or health-related areas
  • Personal and professional maturity
  • Commitment to applying holistic concepts and practices to one's personal and professional life
  • Evidence of communication and interpersonal skills
  • Tolerance for a diversity of ideas and experiences

Other factors related to the applicants ability to successfully engage in professional practice will also be considered. 

Admission to the certificate program

To apply for admission to the certificate program in integrative holistic health and wellness, you must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and be eligible to take graduate level courses at Western Michigan University. Candidates must be admitted to the WMU Graduate College and the certificate program. 

The holistic health certificate can be taken as an independent certificate or used to supplement other related graduate training. Those interested in integrative holistic health and wellness courses, but not the full graduate certificate, or persons not eligible for graduate level coursework may still enroll in some courses.

When incorporated into a related degree program, the certificate program may require some work beyond that required for masters or doctoral degrees. For graduate programs that also require field experience, you may be able to combine requirements for both programs into one placement. 

For example if you are pursuing a master's in social work, up to 15 credit hours of holistic health courses may be counted as social work electives, and field placements may be coordinated. A similar arrangement exists for students in counselor education and counseling psychology and other programs. Check with your advisor for specifics.


Successful completion of HOL 5310 Introduction to Holistic Health (a grade of B or better) is a prerequisite to admission, and a prerequisite to Holistic Methods I and II. The application process for the integrative holistic health and wellness certificate must be completed by the end of the first methods course taken. 

In order to take this class for graduate credit, you must have some kind of graduate admission to the University, either admission to a graduate degree program or non-degree status.

When you complete HOL 5310 for graduate credit and are admitted to the graduate program in integrative holistic health and wellness, that three-credit course then becomes part of your 18 credit-hour program. If you have taken HOL 5310 for undergraduate credit, it meets the requirement as a prerequisite for admission to the program, but cannot become part of your graduate program. Your graduate certificate program will consist of 18 credit hours of graduate credit only. If you have taken HOL 5310 for undergraduate credit and are admitted to the holistic health program, you need to take an acceptable three-credit-hour graduate elective to replace the introductory class in your graduate certificate program.

Non-degree status

If you do not currently have graduate admission to the University, complete application and return it to the admissions office . The application must be submitted to the admissions office with the required $40 fee and some proof that you have already obtained a bachelor's degree. For the application, this proof may consist of a photocopy of a transcript showing your degree, a photocopy of your diploma, or a letter from an employer verifying your qualifications.

Application process

Consideration for admission requires the completion of two applications. All candidates must complete the graduate admission application as well as the integrative holistic health and wellness graduate certificate program application.

When the Office of Admissions has received all of the materials it requires, it will bundle those and forward them to the integrative holistic health and wellness office. As soon as the University admissions and integrative holistic health and wellness application materials are on file in our office, your application is considered complete and will be reviewed. Once your application is reviewed, the holistic health program makes a recommendation regarding admission, which must be returned to the admissions office for final approval. No offer of admission can be made until the admissions office has approved the recommendation. Because we do a year-round, continuous admission process, there are no deadlines for admission. Each admission is normally granted for the next open enrollment period. Applicants should allow at least eight weeks for the application process, however, the exact amount of time the process takes is largely dependent upon the amount of time it takes our office to receive all of the required application material and, therefore, can take more or less than this amount of time.