2012-13 Book Reviews

2012-13 Book Reviews


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Book Reviews

Coryell, Janet. Review of Women Writers and Journalists in the Nineteenth-Century South, by Jonathan Daniel Wells.  Journal of Southern History 79 (May 2013): 508-509.

Cousins, James. Review of A History of Education in Kentucky, by William Ellis. Ohio Valley History (Spring 2013): 89-90.

Cousins, James. Review of A History of Georgetown University, by Robert Curran. The Journal of Southern History 78:4 (November 2012): 956-958.

Elder, E. Rozanne. Review of The Cistercians in the Middle Ages, by Janet Burton and Julie Kerr.  The Catholic Historical Review. 99 (January 2013): 121-122.

Gray, Marion. Review of Bauern als Händler: Ökonomische Diversifizierung und soziale Differenzierung bäuerlicher Agrarproduzenten (15.-19. Jahrhundert), edited by Frank Konersmann and Klaus-Joachim Lorenzen-Schmidt. Agricultural History 86 (2012): 281-283.

Gray, Marion. Review of Brandenburg-Prussia, 1466–1806, by Karin Friedrich. German History 31:1 (2013): 119-120.

Hadden, Sally E. Review of The Old South's Modern World: Slavery, Region, and Nation in the Age of Progress, edited by L. Diane Barnes, Brian Schoen, and Frank Towers. History: Reviews of New Books 41 (2013): 20-21.

Hadden, Sally E. Review of A Slaveholders’ Union: Slavery, Politics, and the Constitution in the Early American Republic, by George Van Cleve. Slavery and Abolition 33 (2012): 159-161.

Pyenson, Lewis. Review of The Colonial Machine: French Science and Overseas Expansion in the Old Regime, by James E. McClellan III and François Regourd. American Historical Review 117:5 (2012): 1671-1672.

Pyenson, Lewis. Review of Science, War and Imperialism. Newsletter of the International Institute for Asian Studies [Leiden]  61 (2012): 37.

Rubin, Eli. Review of The Firm: The Inside Story of the Stasi, by Gary Bruce. Central European History, 45:4 (December 2012): 812 – 814.

Strong, Anise. Review of The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity, by Stephanie Budin. Classical Bulletin 86.1.

Warren, Wilson J. Review of Chicago in the Age of Capital: Class, Politics, and Democracy during the Civil War and Reconstruction, by John B. Jentz and Richard Schneirov. Journal of Illinois History 15:2 (Summer 2012): 125-126.

Xiong, Victor. Review of Multicultural China in the early Middle Ages, by Sanping Chen.  CHOICE October 2012.

Xiong, Victor. Review of The Search for Immortality: Tomb Treasures of Han China, edited by James C.S. Lin. CHOICE December 2012.

Xiong, Victor. Review of The Archaeology of China: From the Late Paleolithic to the Early Bronze Age, by Li Liu and Xingcan Chen.  CHOICE  January 2013.

Xiong, Victor. Review of Sui-Tang China and its Turko-Mongol Neighbors: Culture, Power and Connections, 580-800, by Jonathan Karam Skaff.  CHOICE May 2013.

Xiong, Victor. Review of Unearthed: Recent Archaeological Discoveries from Northern China, by Annette L. Juliano and An Jiayao.  CHOICE  April 2013.


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