A Note from Dr. Sherwood "Woody" Cordier


(October 2013)
In my retirement, I continue to write and publish. My interest has centered on the strategic and military developments of the Scandinavian nations, especially their strong support of United Nations missions worldwide. Two of my books on these subjects have been published: one in Germany, one in England. Six articles have been published analyzing the armed forces of Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

My long-term interest in the Second World War persists. My seven encyclopedic entries, including the Battle of Britain, have appeared in the two volumes of Air Warfare: An International Encyclopedia. Eight other entries, some emphasizing the roles of Canada and Norway, were published in the four volume Encyclopedia of World War II.

mary woodyWe continue to travel widely through Europe. We have also delighted in our visits to Scotland and Ireland. In the west of our country, we have especially enjoyed New Mexico and Oregon. We relished our wonderful adventure in Alaska. At home, Lake Michigan and the Leelanau claim our hearts.

I have especially enjoyed the ongoing friendship of a number of my colleagues and former students. With them I enjoy a lively interchange of books, articles, discussions, and E-mails. Our lives are enriched by the wide range of music and theatre in Kalamazoo and through the University.

New Endowment Created in Honor of Dr. Cordier

Several members of the History Advisory Council honored Dr. Cordier with an announcement at the reception. The Sherwood Cordier Endowment for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching has been created in his honor. The Endowment will become active when it reaches $10,000 in donations and it is already half way to that mark.

Grants will be awarded to students in the graduate program of the Department of History in recognition of excellence and innovation in the teaching of History.


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