Lewis Pyenson

Lewis Pyenson

Lewis Pyenson

Dr. Lewis Pyenson
Professor of History
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
History & Philosophy of Science; Science & Value; 19th and 20th centuries

Office: (269) 387-4650

Friedmann Hall

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Department of History
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5334

Lewis Pyenson is Professor of History. He is the author of books about mathematics and physics in Germany and a trilogy about the exact sciences in the imperial experience of Germany, the Netherlands, and France during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  He coauthored a general survey of the history of science, Servants of Nature (Norton/HarperCollins). His most recent scholarly book, The Passion of George Sarton (American Philosophical Society), examines how an early twentieth-century marriage related to the formation of an academic discipline.  He is currently writing a history of science and art in Modernity. He is also a Corresponding Member of the International Academy of the History of Science and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Please click here for a longer narrative.

Recent Articles

“Realization in Arts and Sciences,” Leonardo, in press.  DOI 10.1162/LEON_a_00893.

“The Einstein-Picasso Question: Neo-Idealist Abstraction in the Decorative Arts and Manufactures,” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 43 (2013), 281-333.

“Ciencia en Córdoba en el siglo diecinueve,” in Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Cuatrocientos años de historia, Daniel Saur and Alicia Servetto, ed. (Córdoba, Editorial de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, 2013; 2 vols), 1: 251-81.

(with Roshdi Rashed) “Otto Neugebauer, Historian,” History of Science, 50 (2012), 402-431.

 “Athena’s Retinue: Nineteenth-Century Scientists Embedded in the Army,” British Journal for the History of Science, 45 (2012), 377-400.

(with Christophe Verbruggen) “Elements of the Modernist Creed in Henri Pirenne and George Sarton,” History of Science, 49 (2011), 377-394. 

(with Christophe Verbruggen) “History and the History of Science in the Work of Hendrik De Man,” Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Nieuwste Geschiedenis, 41 (2011), 487-511.

“The Enlightened Image of Nature in the Dutch East Indies: Consequences of Postmodernist Doctrine for Broad Structures and Intimate Life,” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 41 (2011), 1-40. 


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