A Note from Dr. George Beech


(October 2013)
Since our retirements as WMU faculty in the 1990’s my wife and I have lived most of the time in Kalamazoo but we also spend several months of the year in Paris.

I have maintained my contacts with the History Department and the Medieval Institute in part through my work as a co-editor of the journal Medieval Prosopography. And I have continued my scholarly research, leading to the publication of a number of articles and four books on the following topics.
The Conventum of Aquitaine ca. 1030, a precursor of the first vernacular epics in medieval literature;
another on the possibility that the eleventh century Bayeux Tapestry was woven in France not in England as commonly thought;
another on the Brief Eminence and Doomed Fall of Islamic Saragossa: A great center of Jewish and Arabic Learning in the Iberian Peninsula in the eleventh century;
and, Solving some Enigma’s of the Middle Ages: the Medieval Historian as Detective – a reprinting of some of my earlier articles.


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