Emerging Scholar Award

The Emerging Scholar Award program was launched in late 2006 to acknowledge the accomplishments of WMU faculty members who are among the rising stars in U.S. higher education.

This award recognizes the scholarly or creative achievements of outstanding colleagues. These accomplishments are evidence of great potential for scholarship or creative work.

Eligible faculty are all those current, continuing, full-time, Board-appointed, tenured persons with faculty rank and in good standing, who were tenured no earlier than January 2011. Untenured faculty members are ineligible.

Scholarship or creative activity may be artistic, historical, literary, philosophical, scientific or technical. Current scholarly and creative achievement shall demonstrate:

  • Impact on the state of scholarship or advancement of knowledge in the discipline.
  • Impact beyond the discipline or on the general public.
  • Evidence of international professional recognition.
  • Evidence of outstanding promise to achieve renown in continuing work.

2015-16 Recipient

Dr. Andrea Berto

Dr. Andrea Berto

Dr. Luigi Andrea Berto from the Department of History was chosen from nominees across campus because of his research productivity for both its quantity and quality. In the past seven years, he has produced two books of original historical interpretation and scholarly editions and translations of medieval Latin texts. Berto joins 17 faculty members at Western Michigan University who have received the accolade since it was established in 2006. Read more...