Alumni Advice: Bill Parsons '67

Western Michigan University's Department of History is approaching its 100th anniversary.   This first century has produced many outstanding graduates who have become excellent teachers. However, this is not the entire impact of the William Parsonsdepartment. There have been many history majors and minors who have gone on to success in almost every field of endeavor, including law, medicine, business, educational administration, journalism, sociology, the ministry, and even physics and math. 

The History Department’s graduates are successful because the department’s approach is to develop skills needed in a variety of careers. History classes will challenge you to become a scholar: to ask questions; gather information independently; formulate organized thoughts; and make critical and defensible judgments.  This process will prepare graduates for the 21st century job market no matter what career is pursued.

While many History majors and minors still become educators, all who meet the challenge of completing a major or minor will be problem-solvers who are able to be creative in both group and individual situations. Graduates will have the preparation to master complexities in any number of workplace situations.

Please review the Department of History’s website. There is much you can find here. Do so critically and thoughtfully. For those of you who are seeking a Master’s or Doctorate degree, you will find that the department also has much to offer.

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