The History Department is starting a new program intended to help our majors and minors better prepare for the wide range of
careers that await them after receiving their degree. Internships and mentorships are crucial elements in helping students
towards success after college, yet oftentimes, students lack the vital personal connections to find internships and also the
financial support to allow them to work without pay for a period of time.

The History Department is therefore asking all its alumni if they would be willing to help our current and future students both
by offering internships and/or mentorships, or by donating to the History Department so that we can support students
financially during their internships. If you are interested either in providing an internship or mentorship, OR donating to this
cause, please contact Chair Bill Warren:

As part of this initiative we are also asking alumni to respond to a survey which will help us better prepare our current and
future students for their careers post graduation. Here is a link to the survey.  It should only take a few minutes to fill out!
Thank you!

Department of History alumni at Western Michigan University can keep the department and your friends posted on what you have been doing since graduation.

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Distinguished history alumni award recipients

2015—Michael Adas
2014—Charles Binder
2013—Shirley Ort
2012—Joan Bauer
2011—Michael Parsons
2010—Grafton "Grif" Cook
2009—Richard Hughey
2008—Werner Marten
2007—William Donohoe and Richard Reed
2006—Howard Odell Lindsey
2005—Timothy Stoepker
2004—Dr. Ellsworth Brown
2003—Dr. Florin Curta
2002—Dr. Dale Porter