Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students


John Bollweg
Dissertation title: "The Genesis of an Eschatologist: The Early Religious Writings of Arnau de Vilanova (ca. 1240 - 1311)"
Advisor: Larry Simon


Skylar Bre’z
Area of Focus: Recent US, Gender
Advisor: Edwin Martini

John Byczynski

John Byczynski
Area of Focus: Working class history
Advisor: Eli Rubin

dial Caitlyn Perry Dial
Dissertation title: “The Wrecks of the Eastland and Edmund Fitzgerald: Great Lakes Shipwrecks in American Public Memory”
Advisor: Mitch Kachun

David DiTucci
Dissertation title: “'Deadly Hostility of Men': Feud and Violence in Anglo-Saxon England”
Advisor: Robert Berkhofer

dobek Peter P. Dobek
Area of Focus: Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Poland, East Central Europe
Advisor: James Palmitessa

Jack K. Goodman Jr.
Dissertation title: "Slavery and Wage Labor in 14th-Century Palermo, Sicily"
Advisor: Larry Simon

Patrick Harris

Patrick W. Harris
Dissertation title: "The Latinization of the Mozarabic Community of Toledo, 1085-1300.
Advisor: Larry Simon

herhold Claire E. Herhold
Area of focus: Public History
Advisor: Mitch Kachun


Randall A. Janes
Advisor: Lewis Pyenson
Dissertation Title: “Between the Ingenio and the Ingeniero:  The Spanish Sugar Master and the Development of the Ibero-American Sugar Industry”


Yoon-Rim Kim
Area of focus: medieval China; international relations, gender
Advisor: Victor Xiong


David Kohrman
Dissertation title:  “Modern Ruins, memory, and preservation”
Advisor: Mitch Kachun


Thomas D. Mackie
Dissertation title: "A Shrine for President Lincoln: An Analysis of 100 years of Lincoln Interpretation in Public History, 1909-2009"
Advisor: Mitch Kachun


Stacey L. Moore
Dissertation title: "Contested Terrain: Change and Adaptations among Illinois and Miami Women in the Pays d'en Haut, 1660-1760."
Advisor: J.A. Brandao

penix Matthew D. Penix
Area of focus: Modern European History
Advisor: Eli Rubin


David D. Terry
Dissertation title: "Pirates and Piracy in the Medieval Crown of Aragon, 1291-1336"
Advisor: Larry Simon



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