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A small database primarily focusing on evidence based medicine

Subject Gateway

MedWeb@Emory University

General Resources
This is "an independent journal about evidence-based healthcare, written by Oxford scientists." Contains a knowledge library, a healthy living zone, extended essays, learning zone, and a EBM glossary.

Center for Evidence Based Medicine
Out of Oxford University, this site provides a variety of information about EBM. Categories include: a toolbox, CAT's (Critically Appraised Topics), levels of evidence, a glossary, and downloads (includes:appraisal tools), CAT maker, Powerpoint presentations, statistical tools and more.

Subject Directories
AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Subjects include: clinical information, funding opportunities, research findings, specific populations, public health preparedness,consumers and patients, data and surveys, and quality and patient safety.

Best Bets: Best Evidence Topics
Links to databases, subject gateways, journals and publications, guidelines, organizations, and more. Many excellent resources, however, there are resources that are fully available from WMU.

Edward G. Miner Library. Nesbit Guide to evidence based resources
This guide lists sites under the following categories: master lists, organizations, guides and tutorials, tools and search filters, systematic reviews, CATs and journals, and practice guidelines. Well selected sites and useful organization.

Healthweb:Evidence Based Health Care
Includes: associations, databases, discussion groups, electronic journals, electronic texts, practice guidelines and more.

MedWeb: Clinical Practice: Evidence Based Medicine
An extensive list of EMB sites

Netting the Evidence
"Netting the Evidence is intended to facilitate evidence-based healthcare by providing support and access to helpful organizations and useful learning resources, such as an evidence-based virtual library, software and journals." Covers a variety of topics including: library, searching, appraising, implementing, software, journals, databases, and organizations.

Library Subject Guides
Columbia University. Augustus C.Long Health Sciences Library. Evidence-Based Medicine
Drexel University Libraries. Subject Guide: Evidence-based Medicine
Duke University Medical Center Library Online. Evidence Based Medicine (EMB)
Finders University. Library .Evidence-based Health Practice
University of Iowa. Hardin Library for Health Sciences. Evidence-Based Practice
McGill University Health Sciences Library & Oster Library of the History of Medicine. Selected Evidence Based Healthcare
University of Adelaide Library. Public Health Resources by Topic. Evidence-Based Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago. Library of the Health Sciences. Peoria. Evidence Based Medicine: Finding the Best Clinical Literature.
University of Rochester Medical Center. Edward G. Miner Library. Nesbit Guide to Evidence Based Resources
University of South Alabama Biomedical Library. Evidence-Based Medicine
University of Toronto Libraries. Evidence Resources. Websites
Yale University. Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library. Evidence-Based Practice Resources


Cochrane Library (WMU Libraries) Evidence-based medicine databases including systematic reviews and a controlled trials register on the effects of health care.
PubMed Clinical Queries
Trip Database Plus

Evidence Based Practice--Holistic Health
Bandolier. Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Center for Evidence-Based Medicine
Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (journal)
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. CAM on PubMed
NN/LM Complementary and Alternative Medicine Databases

Evidence Based Practice--Nursing
Evidence-Based Practice: Implementation Strategies for Nurses
A collection of links developed for a presentation. Links are categorized into: resources for evidence based practice, searching, Internet resources.

HealthWeb: Evidence Based Health Care
Includes: guides to searching the literature, associations, databases, discussion groups, electronic journals, electronic texts, and practice guidelines

Library of Health Sciences, Peoria
"This guide is designed to assist health care professionals and students become effective and efficient users of the medical literature." Discusses levels of evidence, searching Medline, clinical filters, and EBM publications and Internet resources. and additional links..

McGill University Health Centre. Evidence-Based Nursing: Nursing-Based Nursing: Guides and Tools
Each item provides guidance on a particular aspect of the topic.

McMaster University. Health Sciences Library. Resources for Evidence-Based Nursing
Outlines the five step process involved in evidence-based practice and provides links to resources.

University of Iowa. Hardin Library for the Health Sciences. Evidence-Based Practice.
Explains the concept of evidence-based medicine and nursing, lists databases, guides and handouts, provides filters, sites with practice guidelines, clinical trials and lists other sites on evidence-based practice.

Evidence Based Practice--Occupational Therapy
HealthWeb: Occupational Therapy. Evidence-Based Practice
Links to critical reviews and Web sites.

OT Seeker
"...a database that contains abstracts of systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy."

Evidence Based Practice--Social Work
University of British Columbia Library. Evidence-Based Social Work
Discusses how to find resources on this subject using library resources.

University of Michigan. University Library. Social Work Library. Evidence-based Practice in Social Work
An extensive guide to the subject that guides the user though various types of literature and subject disciplines. Should be useful in using WMU's University Libraries.

Better Health Outcomes Newsletter: Evidence Based Medicine

Full Text Journals
American College of Physicians Annals

Government Resources
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Center for Evidence Based Medicine
National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology. Evidence Based Medicine and Health Technology Assessment

Basic Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice Resources From the University of Washington's HealthLink, this tutorial provides a basics introduction to what health based medicine is and how to find resources on the subject.
Evidence Based Practice
Norris Medical Library. Evidence Based Medicine Web Tutorial
University of Illinois at Chicago. Library of Health Sciences, Peoria. Evidence-Based Medicine: Finding the Best Clinical Literature. University of Washington. HealthLinks.Techiques for Locating Evidence-Based Practice Resources

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