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Western Michigan University Copyright Policies
WMU Copyright Policy
This section is taken from the WMU Policy Handbook and spells out specifically the copyright guidelines for photocopying. It also covers the copyright guidelines for fair use of videotapes.

University Libraries’ Reserve System
The Libraries’ provide the option of making resources, in both print and electronic formats, available through its reserve system, The guidelines listed below are provided to assist faculty in this process.

WMU Copyright Policy
This section is taken from the WMU Policy Handbook and spells out specifically the copyright guidelines for photocopying. It also covers the copyright guidelines for fair use of videotapes.

WMU Copyright Guidelines for Library Reserves
These guidelines specifically spell out what can be placed on library reserves, for how long, etc.

Photocopying: Copyright Guidelines
This section is taken directly from the WMU Policy Handbook and clearly spells out the guidelines for photocopying.

Faculty Services and Resources: Copyright Issues
Provides a series of links to resources covering various aspects of copyright. Sections include: copyright explained, copyrighted materials and teaching, WMU policies, and more on copyright and the law.

Learning Resources Center
The Learning Resources Center adheres the University Libraries’ reserve policies as closely as reasonable. These policies can be found on the Libraries’ Website. Especially note WMU Copyright Guidelines for Library Reserves.

Alternatives to Placing Items on Reserve
In addition to placing materials on reserve, faculty can either develop Websites through OIT or use courseware such as WebCT. Both of these solutions allow for direct linking to (cited) journal articles and other resources without copying them directly and violating copyright.See Common Scenarios of Fair Use Issues: Posting Materials on Course Management Systems
This site suggests scenarios for various types of materials and suggest the fair use impact these would have.

Yet another option is for the faculty to prepare a handout with a list of articles that include the url's. This would not be as handy for the students but it would be closer to what they will find in the “real world.”  It might also serve to familiarize the students with the databases.

Resources on Copyright and Copyright Compliance
Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance           
Published by the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. This site covers copyright basics, using content, copyright compliance, other campus copyright issues, and quick links for various populations including: academic librarians, faculty and staff, students, and administrators.       

Copyright Management Center
This site from Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis IUPUI provides an easy to follow guide to various aspects copyright.
Included are sections on: fair use issues, permissions information, copyright ownership, Teach Act, file sharing and copyright, and favorite links of the Copyright Management Center.

Copyrights at the University of Michigan
Includes two sections useful to the general public- Copyright Law and Useful Links.

Stanford Copyright and Fair Use
This is an extensive listing of resources covering most aspects of copyright.. Topics include: copyright overview, primary materials, current legislation, a Web guide for librarians, and a newsletter.

UT System Crash Course in Copyright
This comprehensive tutorial covers a whole range of copyright issues and is widely recognized as one of the best sites available on this topic.

Fair Use
Much of what we do to supplement and support our teaching and scholarly efforts relies on the concept of “fair use.”  Here are guidelines to follow when trying to assess what constitutes “fair use.”

Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials
Part of the UT System "Crash Guide to Copyright" this section describes fair use as "a shadowy territory whose boundaries are disputed..."
Fair-Use Issues
This section from the Copyright Management Center site provides an easy to follow outline on various aspects of fair use.

Regents Guide to Understanding Copyright & Educational Fair Use
An extensive guide to fair use

Photocopying Copyrighted Material
Photocopying, Copyright Guidelines for
WMU's photocopying guidelines for copying of copyrighted materials. F
or the University's faculty, staff and libraries.

Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance: Using Content: Photocopies
Spells out guidelines for making photocopies for: students and faculty, photocopying by students, classroom handouts, spontaneous photocopying, and repeated copying of the same item.

Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians
Provides detailed information on reproducing copyrighted material. Includes various types of materials in a variety of formats. Probably more information than most of us want to know. This is a government publication in PDF format.

Audiovisual Resources
Faculty may use audiovisual materials in the classroom and/or make assignments requiring their use as long as these materials have been purchased with performance “rights.” Material copied from “on air” or similar sources fall into another category and may be used under very limited guidelines.

Copyright Guidelines for Fair Use of Videotapes
WMU guidelines for off-air recording and using broadcast material.

Copyright Law in the Electronic Environment
Covers various aspects of use of materials in an electronic environment including: scholarly electronic literature, e-prints, open access journals, audiovisual materials, electronic copies, images, and digitizing among others

Clearing Rights for Multimedia Works
From the UT System Crash Course on Copyright this discusses the various aspects of copyright that need to be considered in creating your own multimedia work.

Fair Use Guidelines For Educational Multimedia
Outlines fair use guidelines for preparing and using educational media.

Rules and Permissions for Audio-visual Media Copyright Law and audio-visual materials
Lays out what is permissible and prohibited use for audiovisual media, outlines guidelines for taping, suggests resources for further information on copyright in general as well as on videotapes and other audiovisual material.

Copyright Issues for Students
Brief Notes: Copyright for Students
While aimed at high school students, this is a good brief explanation of the subject.

Copyright in the Electronic Environment for Students
Part of the UT System "Crash Guide to Copyright" aimed at student needs. It covers works that students create including dissertations and theses. It also covers the use of copyrighted material into student papers and dissertations. Key resource

Digital Millennium Copyright Act Violations
WMU OIT's caution on file sharing.

Distance Learning Services at the RIT Libraries
Rochester Institute of Technology
Libraries' copyright guide is aimed at distance learning students. This is an excellent guide presented in a compact but useful format. In addition, links to writing guides and citation formats are provided. Recommend you bookmark for further reference. Key Resource

EFF: What Peer-to-Peer Developers Need to Know About Copyright Law
An in depth explanation of the issues and legal ramifications of file sharing from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. If you are tempted read this.

Information & News: File-sharing and copyright law: How it affects you
This page from Stanford University Residential Computing site explains file sharing and it consequences as well as providing links to related topics.

Copyright Issues for Faculty
Copyright Law in the Electronic Environment
Part of the Copyright Crash Course in Copyright, this section covers
key aspects of copyright including Scholarly Electronic Publishing

Scholarly Communication Toolkit
Suggests that scholars have lost control of their own works and discusses how to manage copyrights, and model copyright and publishing agreements. Published by the American Library Association, this site has a number of links for faculty who would like more control of their publications.


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