2012-13 Teaching Excellence Award given to Helen Lee

Photo of Helen Lee.Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies Associate Professor Dr. Helen Lee was selected to receive the Teaching Excellence Award based on her teaching skills in all three areas of the award’s criteria: classroom teaching, creative/innovative work in teaching, fieldwork, or supervision, and teaching that involves interdisciplinary or collaborative activity.

Known as a lifelong learner who inspires students to be learners, Dr. Lee freely shares her breadth and depth of knowledge with students and is sought out as a teacher, supervisor and mentor. Tailoring her lectures for specific student populations, she makes education real, applying theory to practice. "It only took me a short time… to recognize that Dr. Helen Lee was a natural born teacher," stated one nominator. "Her passion for working with students can be immediately recognized."

Dr. Lee has grown the adaptive technology class to include the newest devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Her students have conducted task analyses on how to teach these devices. "She is continuously ahead of the times and understands the importance of the growing field of technology and the impact it will have on consumers with blindness and low vision," wrote another nominator.

Committed to collaboration in the classroom and the community, she provides opportunities for students to work together as a way to prepare for the profession and contribute to the greater good.  Her students have made recommendations about exhibit accessibility for the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, and their recommendations regarding online education accessibility have been implemented by WMU Extended University Program vendors.