Health Informatics and Information Management Minor


The coursework required for a health informatics and information management minor at Western Michigan University is composed of three components: the required pre-program courses, the required program core courses and the elective program core courses. In total, a health informatics and information management minor will be required to take 16 or 17 credit hours of coursework. The details of each component follow. 

Pre-program core courses

The following two courses must be completed and each course shall be completed with a grade C or above:

  • MDSC 2010 - Medical Terminology (one credit)
  • OT 2000 - Human Functional Anatomy (three credits)

Program core courses

The following two courses must be completed:

  • NUR 2350/HSV 2350/BUS 27001 (cross-listed) - Health Info Systems and Management (three credits)
    • Select one of the following:
      • NUR 2350 - Special Topics in Nursing (three credits)
      • HSV 2350 - Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Health Services (three credits)
      • BUS 27002 - Business-driven Information Technology (customized contents) (three credits)
  • NUR 3330 - Informatics for Health Professionals (three credits)

Elective program core courses

Each health informatics and information management minor must take a minimum of six hours of courses other than the two required ones and the health informatics and information management capstone project from program cores. That is, each health informatics and information management minor will elect two courses from the following list:

  • Health Care Ethics - Select one of the following:
    • NUR 3220 - Healthcare Ethics (three credits)
    • PHIL 2010 - Introduction to Ethics (four credits)
    • PHIL 3340 - Biomedical Ethics (four credits)
  • CIS 3600 - Systems Analysis and Design (customized contents) (three credits)
  • CIS 3660 - Information Assurance and Compliance (customized contents) (three credits)
  • CIS 4600 - Business  Database Applications (customized contents) (three credits)
  • HSV 4800 - Health Services Practice Management (three credits)


1Both NUR 2350 and HSV 2350 are special topics courses, which will be cross-listed with a designated section of BUS 2700 for health informatics and information management majors. All these courses, if offered, will be delivered based on the master syllabus presented in the proposed health informatics and information management curriculum. In addition, Haworth College of Business and College of Health and Human Services will rotate the offering of these courses.

2BUS 2700 is offered with multiple sections in the business college. A designated section will be offered with controlled access.