Past Burian Lecturers


  • Edna Kane-Williams: senior vice president for multicultural outreach at AARP.


  • Dr. LaQuandra S. Nesbitt: board-certified family physician and director of the District of Columbia Department of Health.


  • Dr. Christina Puchalski: a pioneer and international leader in the movement to integrate spirituality into health care.
  • Dr. Eva Evans: a national leader in education and accomplished humanitarian who has dedicated her career to developing best practices for providing opportunities to underserved populations.


  • Brian Gibbs: associate dean for diversity and cultural competence at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and director of the program to eliminate health disparities at Harvard School of Public Health

  • Richard Kirsch: senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute

  • Wayne Muller: therapist, minister, community advocate, consultant, public speaker and author

Previous lecturers

  • William A. Sanger
  • Richard D. Lamm
  • Parker J. Palmer
  • Dr. Henry Foster
  • Dr. David B. Morris
  • Ted Kennedy Jr.