Outstanding Customer Service Award

The College of Health and Human Services Outstanding Customer Service Award is part of a systematic and ongoing staff recognition program intended to empower Western Michigan University staff to help themselves and their peers and to encourage extraordinary customer service, promoting a friendly environment at the college. The award institutionalizes the College of Health and Human Services staff service goals as standard behavior and raises consciousness on the "front-line" level of customer service.

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Teaching Excellence Award

Excellence in teaching is a hallmark of the College of Health and Human Services. To recognize and sustain that tradition, Dean Earlie M. Washington continues the Excellence in Teaching Award, established by former Dean Dr. Janet Pisaneschi in 1997. A call for nominations goes out in the spring of each year. The recipient is named in the spring and honored at a college-wide celebration in November or December.

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Research Excellence Award

Research in this context means empirical work of a qualitative or quantitative nature that is either descriptive or inferential. This award focuses specifically on work in which individuals acquire data, formulate specific research questions, conduct analyses of the data to answer those questions, and discuss their findings and the implications of the work for professional practice or theory building.

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Scholarship Excellence Award

The contributions of this award recipient may include exemplary service to a profession by advancing certification or accreditation, implementing program evaluation activities, or by publishing journal articles, books or web-based materials that advance the field. These are just a few of many contributions that may result in consideration for this award.

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