Using GIMP to Crop and Resize an Image

GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program is available as a free download for the Windows, Mac OSX and Unix/Linux platforms. It allows for more than simple image resizing, but this document covers only how to crop and resize an image. This document is offered as a courtesy - the supported and recommended product for photo manipulation at WMU is Photoshop. Anyone who chooses to download and use GIMP, assumes full responsibility for its use.

After you have downloaded and installed the program, to resize an image (instructions are for Windows computers):

  1. Open GIMP and select File > Open to open the file you wish to crop and resize. 
  2. The file opens in a new editing window. Select the rectangular icon from The Gimp window.

  3. Move your mouse to the image window and select the area you wish to crop.
  4. Now select Image > Crop Image and the image will be cropped to the selection you made.
  5. To resize the image, click Image > Rescale Image.
  6. Enter a new width and then click Scale. The image will be resized and the height will be automatically rescaled using the width you chose.
  7. You may now save your file using File > Save as.
  8. If you need further assistance, please use the built-in help by clicking Help in The GIMP window.