Using Filezilla for SFTP

WMU offers SFTP, a secure file transfer program that uses SSH (secure shell) network protocol to transfer files. Unlike standard FTP, it prevents passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in the clear over the network. Filezilla is a secure FTP client that can be used to transfer Windows, Macintosh and Linux Web files via the SFTP server installed on

Application Setup

  1. Download and install Filezilla.
  2. Click the Sites Manager icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Click the New Site button and give the site a name.
  4. Enter the following information and click OK.
    1. Host:
    2. Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
    3. Login Type: Ask for Password
    4. User: Your site's Bronco NetID
  5. Click the Connect button.
  6. Enter your site's Bronco NetID password.
  7. You will see your local directory on the left and the homepages remote directory on the right.
  8. To access your site in the future, simply click the Sites Manager button, choose your site and click Connect.