Download and Set up TrueCrypt - Macintosh

The Office of Information Technology recommends using FileVault for Macintosh encryption needs.  

Do not delete the TrueCrypt container or lose your password. If you do, the files you've placed in the container can never be opened again.

  1. Download and then install TrueCrypt.
  2. Open TrueCrypt by double-clicking the blue TrueCrypt icon in your Applications folder.
  3. Click Create Volume.
  4. Choose Create an encrypted file container and click Next.
  5. Choose Standard TrueCrypt volume and click Next.
  6. Select TrueCrypt Container and click Select File.
  7. Choose a location and enter a name for the TrueCrypt container. Do not choose an existing file or folder as your TrueCrypt container. Doing so will overwrite the information and it will be lost. 
  8. Click Save after you have entered a name.
  9. Click Next in the Volume Creation Wizard window.
  10. Choose an Encryption Algorithm and a Hash Algorithm for the volume. If you are unsure what to enter, you may accept the default settings and click Next.
  11. Specify a size for the container and click Next.
  12. Enter a Volume Password. It is important that you create a password that cannot be guessed by others. It is very important that you keep this password in a safe place. If you cannot remember it, and lose your password, no one can recover it for you and all data stored in the TrueCrypt container will be lost forever.
  13. Click Next after you have entered your password.
  14. Select Mac OS Extended as your Filesystem type and click Next.
  15. Select I will mount the volume on other platforms and click Next.
  16. Now move your mouse randomly within the Volume Creation Wizard window for at least 30 seconds. This increases the strength of the encryption keys, which increases security. Click Format after you have done so.
  17. You have just created a TrueCrypt container. Click Exit.