Using Webmail Plus

Sending messages

  1. To send a message, click the Mail tab and then click New in the tool bar.
  2. The compose window opens. Begin entering a name in the To: field and the system will search the global address list and any personal address books and list all options. Select and click your choice and it populates the To: field. Do the same with the Cc: field, if desired.
  3. Finish your message and click Send.

Delayed delivery

After composing your message, clicking the Send button displays a drop-down menu which allows you to select Send Later and then specify a time and date in the future to send the message. The message will be stored in the Drafts folder until the time specified, when it will be sent and a copy placed in your Sent folder.

Receiving messages

A new message count will be displayed next to Inbox in the overview pane. The messages will automatically appear in the content pane. If you wish to see them sooner, click Get Mail in the tool bar when you notice there is a message count and the messages will then be displayed in the content pane.

Setting an auto-reply message

If you are going to be out of the office, you may set up an auto-reply to let others know when you will return.

  1. Under Preference > Mail, scroll down to Receiving Messages.
  2. Check the Send auto-reply message box.
  3. Enter your message in the form provided.
  4. Enter a Start On and End On date and click Save.

Sharing mail folders

You can share any of your mail folders, including the inbox and any sub-folders. You select the folder(s) and specify the type of access permissions to grant. To share mail folders:

  1. Right-click the folder you wish to share and select Share Folder.
  2. Fill out the Share Properties form and click OK.