Using Tags

Tags are a classification system for email, contacts, tasks and appointments. Using tags makes it easier to find those items. You can tag items in different folders and when you search for a tag, all items with that tag are shown, regardless of which folder they are in. You may create as many tags as you like and you may apply multiple tags to the same messages.

Creating new tag definitions

  1. The easiest way to create a new tag definition is to click the Tag icon in the tool bar and select New Tag.
  2. Enter a Tag Name, select a color, and click OK.
  3. The new tag will now be displayed in the Tags section of the overview pane.

Attaching a tag

  1. Right-click the message, click Tag Message and select an existing tag, or create a New Tag.
  2. The tag will be added to your email.

Deleting tags

  1. Select the tag you wish to delete in the Tags section of the overview pane.
  2. Click Delete and then Yes, when asked if you wish to delete the named tag.