Setting up Webmail Plus

When you login to Webmail Plus for the first time, either by having browsed to, or by clicking the Webmail + icon in GoWMU, there are several options for setting up your email workspace.

The first is your view. You may choose to have the reading pane on the bottom, the right, or off, so that your messages open in a separate view. To select your view:

  1. Click View in the tool bar.
  2. Highlight and click your choice.
  3. You may also choose to have your messages displayed By Message or By Conversation. By message is the traditional view and displays a list of messages with the most recent displayed first. By conversation displays your messages grouped by subject. All messages related to the conversation will be displayed, even if they reside in different folders. To choose one, highlight and click your choice.

You may also set preferences for Composing, Signatures, Accounts, and Filters.

  1. Click Preferences in the tool bar and then Mail in the overview pane.
  2. Next click Composing.
  3. Make any desired changes and click Save in the tool bar.
  4. For help creating signatures, see the signature page.
  5. For help creating filters, see the filters page.