Webmail Plus accounts have a 15 GB quota. To see how much of your quota that you have used, logged into the Web interface of Webmail Plus, locate your name in the upper right and hover over it. You will be shown how much you have used. Deleted items remain in the trash folder for 30 days, when the system will automatically remove them.

If you are running close to your quota, you may:

  1. Create a rule to clean out old, out-dated messages and attachments from the inbox and/or other folders.  See filters.
  2. Detach attachments from the original message(s) and store them outside of your Webmail Plus account. To do so, click the Download link  to save the file and then click the Remove link next to the attachment to keep the email, but remove the attachment.


Dumpster is a message retention area that is external to your account and does not count against your quota. It provides a second change to recover documents and messages that have been deleted from trash. All items manually or automatically deleted move to an external dumpster for an additional 30 days.

  1. Access the dumpster by right clicking the Trash folder and selecting Recover Deleted Items.
  2. Highlight selected items to return to your account by specifying which folders to restore them to.
  3. Contents of the Recover Deleted Items section window are in chronological order by when originally received and cannot be sorted any other way.