Zimbra Notifier for Webmail Plus

WMU purchased a restricted domain license for the Zimbra Notifier add-on program. This program is used with Webmail Plus and is available for Windows OS only. It:

  • Handles mailto links by opening Webmail Plus when you click on a mailto link.
  • Configures Webmail Plus as your default email client.
  • Opens Webmail Plus by double-clicking the application tray icon.
  • Notifies about new email and upcoming calendar appointments*

    *This feature does not work consistently on all computers. The problem is being worked on.

Note: if you already have Zimbra Notifier running on your computer and are upgrading to a newer version, you must first exit the running version and then download and install the new version. To exit the current version, right-click the red Zimbra icon in the lower right of your screen and then click Exit.

Download and install Zimbra Notifier

  1. Login to GoWMU using your Bronco NetID and password.
  2. In the Software Downloads channel, select Webmail Plus Notifier software.
  3. Click the obtain Zimbra Notifier link. By doing so you are acknowledging that you are legally required to discontinue use of the program if or when you leave WMU.
  4. Select Download.
  5. Once the file has downloaded, locate and double-click it. It will generally be found either on your desktop or in your downloads folder.
  6. Click OK if you get an Open Executable File? box, and Run if you get an Unknown Publisher error.
  7. When the configuration window opens, enter:

    User: enter your Bronco NetID
    Password: enter your Bronco NetID password
    Check Save Password
    Click OK
  8. When it has finished installing, you will see the red Zimbra Notifier icon in your bottom right task bar.
  9. You may double-click the icon to open Webmail Plus at any time.
  10. If you click a mailto link in a Web page and you receive a Launch Application error, click Choose.
  11. Browse to the Zimbra Notifier folder and select ZimbraNotifier.
  12. Zimbra Notifier will now be displayed in the Launch Application window. Highlight it and check Remember my choice for mailto links and click OK.
  13. Webmail Plus will now launch whenever a mailto link is clicked.