Setting up Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an email application that supports IMAP. It may be set up to access your Webmail Plus, however to fully utilize the collaborative features of Webmail Plus, you should use the Webmail Plus Web interface. Updates to Outlook Express, or Webmail Plus, could cause functionality problems which may or may not be resolved quickly.

  1. Start Outlook Express.
  2. If the Outlook Setup Wizard starts, go to step 5.
  3. Click the Tools menu and select Accounts.
  4. On the Mail tab, click Add, then Mail.
  5. The Internet Connection Wizard is now open.
  6. Enter your full name and click Next.
  7. Select I already have an email address, enter your full email address and click Next.
  8. For Email Server Names:

    My incoming mail server is a: IMAP
    Incoming mail server, enter
    Outgoing mail server, enter
    Click Next.
  9. For Internet Mail Logon, enter your Bronco NetID.
    Enter your password if you would like Outlook to remember it for you.
    Click Next when finished.
  10. Click Finish on the Congratulations screen to return to the Internet Accounts window.
  11. Select and then click the Properties button.
  12. Click the Servers tab and put a check in the My server requires authentication box.
  13. Click the Settings button and in the Outgoing Mail Server window, select Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
  14. Click OK to return to the Properties window.
  15. Click the Advanced tab and put a check in the This server requires a secure connection (SSL) box and change the port number for Outgoing mail to 465.

    Put a check in the This server requires a secure connection box. Click OK to return to the Internet Accounts window.
  16. Click Close.
  17. If Outlook Express asks if you would like to download folders from the mail server you added, click Yes.
  18. Outlook Express will take a moment to download your folders. When it has finished, click OK on the Show/Hide IMAP folders window.
  19. You have now configured Outlook Express to check your WMU Webmail Plus account. To check for new messages, click Send/Receive on the Outlook Express tool bar.