Departmental Calendars


  1. Request a departmental account if you do not already have one.
  2. Create an address book containing the email addresses and Bronco NetIDs of all accounts you will be sharing calendars to.
  3. Add all members to a contact group. The Bronco NetID will be handy later as all shares are shown by Bronco NetID and not email address. Save the Bronco NetID in the "other" field.
  4. Request that each participant do the following:
  • Share their main calendar to the departmental account as an administrator.
  • If sharing specific information, such as office hours for instructors, you may wish to create a new calendar.
  • Populate the calendar with appointments. Appointments marked as private will not be visible on shared calendars.
  • From the departmental account, create a "view" share of all the shared calendars.
  • Send links for all calendars to the contact group created in step 3.
  • Each participant will need to accept the "view" share invitation sent by the departmental account. They will have control over how they name the calendar and will be able to set a color for it.
  • Maintenance

    1. The departmental account can administer any calendar by right clicking on the appropriate calendar or by opening the "Sharing" options in Preferences.
    2. The calendar administrator can add and delete address records in the address book and the contact group.
    3. Since existing shares are listed by Bronco NetID instead of email address, the manager can search the address book to match participants to share listings if needed.