Configuring Android Devices

Android phones use ActiveSync with the Exchange option to synchronize with Webmail Plus.

  1. Open phone settings and select the Accounts or Accounts and sync section. Choose Add an Account.
  2. Choose Corporate or Corporate Sync. Some phones may call this Exchange or Active Sync.
  3. Enter your email address and your Bronco NetID password and click Next.
  4. In the Account Setup Wizard, enter the following:

    Domain\username: \your Bronco NetID (e.g. \jbronco)
    (if your phone has the domain and username as separate fields, leave domain blank and enter only your Bronco NetID)
    Password: your Bronco NetID password
    Use Secure Connection (SSL): checked
  5. Click Next and you will receive a Remote Security Administration notice. This allows Webmail Plus to remotely wipe email from your phone in case it is lost or stolen. Select OK to continue.
  6. You will see the Account settings screen. Using the default settings is fine, but you may feel free to change them if desired.
  7. Click Activate on the Activate device administrator screen.
  8. Your device may require a PIN or Password. Select the appropriate option and create one, then click Continue.
  9. Give your account a name and click Next
  10. Setup is now complete.