Show Final Calculated Grade

Follow the steps below to display the Final Calculated Grade column to students.

  1. Click OrgUnit Display options and click the box Display final grade calculation to users.
  2. Click Calculation Options and select Release: Calculated Final Grade.
  3. Click Enter Grades. Note: it is a good practice to enter scores for the demo student in order to verify what students can see from the Grades tool.
  4. Click the Final Grades yellow ruler icon.
  5. Click the box next to the icons at the top of the class list and then click the eyeball icon.
  6. Depending on what is currently set, this icon releases or unreleases the Final Calculated Grade. Students displayed with a green background do not have the Final Calculated Grade released.
  7. Click the Save button and then the OK button.
  8. Click Enter Grades. Students with a released final grade will show an open eyeball. You can impersonate the demo student to verify that the Final Calculated Grade has been released.