How to be a Student in Your Course

There are two ways to be a student in your Elearning course offering.

  • Role switch to student (from the course home page).
  • Impersonate the Demo Student (from the Classlist).

Role switch

Role switch is limiting. It allows you to view content and how the layout of your course offering looks to students. You cannot do many of the tasks that students will do in the course such as taking a quiz, submitting an assignment, or checking grades as if you were a real student in the course. However, role switch also allows you to select other roles that people in your course could have, such as librarian or teaching assistant.

How to do a role switch

  1. Click on the Course Home icon.
  2. Go to the Role Switch widget.
  3. Click the drop down list next to Current Role and select Student.
  4. Click Change Role.
To return to being an instructor in your course, repeat the above process and select Instructor.

Impersonate the demo student

Every course offering contains a Demo Student. This student only appears at the top of the class list from the All tab. You do not see the demo student from the Student tab. When you impersonate the demo student, you become an actual student in your course. You should not enter comments into a discussion board or answer/send email using the Email or Classlist tool while impersonating the demo student.

It is highly recommended that you enter scores in Enter Grades for the demo student. This allows you to check to see if scores can be seen by other students and to double-check final grade calculations.

How to impersonate the demo student

  1. From the course home page, click on the Classlist icon.
  2. Click the All tab.
  3. Click the Impersonate icon. 
  4. Click OK at the next prompt.
  5. Everything you click on after this point will be as a student. 
  6. To exit the impersonation process, click the Restore button at the top of the page.