How can I stretch my budget?

Good sense makes dollars go farther. Here are some tips to stay financially healthy.

  • Keep track of your holiday spending. Black Friday deals can seem too-good-to-miss, but it’s easy to blow your budget on impulse buys. Pay attention to how much you have to spend to save on those deals.
  • Create a budget and stick to it. There are plenty of tools and templates online to help you think of and keep track of all of your monthly expenses. Budgeting your money doesn’t mean that you stop spending, but instead can help you keep track of where your money goes.
  • Separate wants from needs. Take the time to recognize what you need to spend your money on – food, rent, gasoline for your car; versus what you want – a new PlayStation or another pair of boots.
  • Write down how you spend your money. Keep receipts or a notebook in your purse to jot down purchases. It’s easy to forget that half-decaf skinny latte with extra whipped cream, but those $5 coffees add up quickly.
  • Use technology. Set up text or email alerts for your bank accounts and credit cards to help you keep tabs on your spending and avoid missing payment dates.