Stand Up Spring 2018

Showtime 8 p.m.

Monday, Mar. 26, Ackley/Shilling
Tuesday, Mar. 27, Burnhams
Wednesday, Mar. 28, Eicher/LeFevere
Thursday, Mar. 29, Davis
Monday, Apr. 2, Draper/Siedchlag
Tuesday, Apr. 3, Harrison/Stinson
Wednesday, Apr. 4, Britton/Hadley
Thursday, Apr. 5, Garneau/Harvey
Tuesday, Apr. 10, Archer-Pickard-West
Wednesday, Apr. 11, Henry

We have presented to the Western Michigan University community

photo of cast of Stand Up

Cast of Stand UP

Stand UP is our spring semester show touring the residence halls. Stand UP attempts to examine the culture of dehumanization and how we can fight it. A representative from heaven and hell argue over which form of being they like best, the humanized or the dehumanized.

Cast of Great Sexpectations

Great Sexpectations is a play that explores a variety of topics and concerns for college students regarding discovering their sexual identity. The play begins with a group of peer educators in the FIREplace preparing a program for a rally raising awareness for sexual assault and sexual health. As they rehearse their different acts, there are moments of reflection within the group on their own experiences with relationships, first times, coming out, STIs and sexual assault. The play offers comedy, music and lots of information.

Real Buzz seeks to help students know that it is okay to be safe and sober.

Real Buzz covers the challenges students face while navigating the party culture. Real Buzz takes a look at the typical characters that may be found at parties and questions extreme behavior that sometimes seems idealized in the media.

Cast of Food Prisons performing at the Dalton Center Recital Hall.

Food Prisons is a musical play about body image and eating disorders examining the life we lead when we're obsessed with food and how we look in today's society. Written by Christine Iaderosa, music by Adam Schumaker.

Flash mob performance at the international flags plaza.

Guerrilla Theatre

This includes flash mobs, table events, living statues, and everything else. TCH reaches out across campus delivering the message of health, safety and respect in unexpected ways. You never know where you might see us, but we’ll be coming up with new projects throughout the year from our home at Sindecuse Health Center.