Sexual Assault Prevention and Education

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Sexual assault resources

We've collected resources and information to be found at Western Michigan University, in the Kalamazoo community, and online for the benefit of anyone interested in or affected by sexual assault. It is not a complete guide, but rather a source of education and support. You are encouraged to seek additional resources and information based upon your unique interests and needs, and to join the global effort to end sexual assault.

General information

Sexual assault: essential information
Prevention resources

Helping myself

Help! I’ve been sexually assaulted
Female survivors
Male survivors
LGBTQ survivors

Helping others

Supporting my partner
Supporting a female survivor
Supporting a male survivor
Supporting an LGBTQ survivor

Outreach and more

FIRE! Sexual Assault Peer Education
Reporting a sexual assault
My friend has been accused of sexual assault

The office of Sexual Assault Prevention is located in the Health Promotion and Education Office in room 3130, Sindecuse Health Center.

Contact the Sexual Assault Prevention coordinator at (269) 387-2990.
Contact FIRE! peer educators via email to