Medicaid Eligibility

U.S. residents

If you are a legal permanent resident of the United States under 21 years of age and cannot afford health insurance, you may meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid. You may obtain an application from the Michigan website You may also enroll in the Healthy Michigan plan to receive health care coverage if you meet eligibility requirements.

If you do meet Michigan eligibility requirements and are asked to choose a Medicaid HMO Plan, Sindecuse Health Center accepts the Meridian Health Plan. Learn more about the Meridian Health Plan at Sindecuse Health Center also accepts “straight” Medicaid.

Other Michigan Medicaid HMO plans may not authorize your treatment at Sindecuse Health Center. You may change your current Medicaid HMO to Meridian Health Plan by calling Michigan Enrolls at (888) 367-6557 during the open enrollment period in May.

International students

If you are a legal alien studying at Western Michigan University, Michigan Medicaid is not an option for health insurance for you or your dependents.

In previous years, Michigan granted Medicaid to international students and their dependents in error. The state has corrected the error and is not providing this coverage for legal aliens and their dependents. Your dependents must be insured through your own health insurance plan.

Children born in the United States are no longer eligible for the Michigan MI Child Medicaid program if their parents plan to return with them to their home country. These policies are explained at