Funded projects focus on using secondary data to help inform public health interventions, programming and provision of medical services.

  • Community Health Assessment (Bronson Health Foundation).
  • WKKF BC Vision Data Monitoring Project. (Public Policy Associates/subcontract to WK Kellogg Foundation).
  • Developing a Template for a University Community Data Driven Health & Human Resources Interactive Website (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation).
  • University-Community Data-Driven Health & Human Resource Interactive Website (Battle Creek Community Foundation).
  • Assessing the Physical Health of Foster Care Youth (Wayne State University/subcontract to BCBS of Michigan Foundation).
  • Evaluation of the Nurse-Family Partnership of Calhoun County (Calhoun County).
  • Combining Community Resources and Existing Data to Conduct Mapping and Spatial Analyses to Reduce Racial/Ethnic Inequities in Maternal and Child Health: Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties (Calhoun County Health Department).
  • Determining geographic areas to target diabetes-related resources in the United States based on a resource-rate mismatch using mapping and spatial analysis (Western Michigan University).
  • Examining geographic trends in Michigan Medicaid service utilization of adult quality measures (Michigan Department of Community Health).
  • Analyzing the impact on health care utilization of the change in Medicaid from fee-for-service to managed care for foster care youth ages 14 to 21 (Wayne State University)

We are also completing a project to determine the current use and impact of diabetes self-management education on a low-income population of individuals with newly diagnosed diabetes attending a family practice in Kalamazoo.