Current Research

Current funded projects focus on using secondary data to help inform public health interventions, programming and provision of medical services.

  1. Combining Community Resources and Existing Data to Conduct Mapping and Spatial Analyses to Reduce Racial/Ethnic Inequities in Maternal and Child Health: Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties (funder: Kellogg Foundation).
  2. Demonstration Project: A project to determine geographic areas to target diabetes-related resources in the United States based on a resource-rate mismatch using mapping and spatial analysis (funder: Western Michigan University).
  3. A project to examine geographic trends in Michigan Medicaid service utilization of adult quality measures (funder: Michigan Department of Community Health).
  4. An analysis of the impact on health care utilization of the change in Medicaid from fee for service to managed care for foster care youth ages 14 to 21 (funder: Wayne State University).
  5. We are also completing a project to determine the current use and impact of diabetes self-management education on a low-income population of individuals with newly diagnosed diabetes attending a family practice in Kalamazoo.