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Dear Fellow Graduate Student,

The GSAC is happy to organize a trip to Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park in Muskegon, MI on Thusrday July 28, 2011 for all registered graduate students at WMU . We would like to invite you to join us and share the fun with us. You will see below the details of the trip:

  1. Date: Thursday July 28, 2011
  2. Departure Time: 9:00 am at the Bernhard Center in front of the ATM Machine
  3. Return Time: 7:00 pm at Michigan's Adventure (Boarding Location)
  4. Expected Arrival Time: 9:00 pm drop-off location--Bernhard Center
  5. GSAC's Contribution to Your Trip: Transportation and admission ticket for you and your ONE (1) guest. The ticket gives admission to Michigan's Adventure and WildWater Adventure
  6. Your Contribution: Your meals
  7. Number of Guest: ONE (1) per graduate student
  8. Disclaimer: GSAC only organizes the trip [rents the bus and pays the admission ticket for you and your ONE (1) guest] but you have the freedom to choose the activities or things that you want to do. Please visit the Michigan Adventure's Website to get more information about what you can do or not. Also pay attention to the activities restrictions if you plan to take a child/children with you. This is their website address: Your are responsible for reading their park use policies.
  9. Transportation: Please do not forget to mention whether you want to drive or take the bus from us.
  10. Ticket for those who ride with GSAC buses: Tickets will be distributed in the bus if you ride with us.
  11. Ticket for those who drive alone: We will inform you about the time and place to get your ticket before Thursday July 28. We DO NOT mail tickets to you because of time constraints.
  12. REGISTRATION: please register at the following link:   Place is limited. First come, first serve.
  13. Waiting List: There is no waiting list for this event by experience.
  14. Additional Guest: you can bring any guests that you want but GSAC will provide one entry ticket only for your guest and one seat only for your guest if you want to ride GSAC's bus.
Thank you. See you there.

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