Data collection award


The Western Michigan University Graduate Student Association Data Collection Grant was created to facilitate the collection and analysis of data relevant to research conducted for the dissertation, thesis, specialist project, creative research or in selected instances where students and faculty are collaborating on research for publication in peer-reviewed journals.  This grant will be offered 3 times per year in the following time periods: fall, spring, summer I and II.


Applicants must:

1.     Be in good standing: GPA of at least 3.2 or higher.

2.     Have an approved committee in place: Notification of an Appointment to a Dissertation, Thesis, Specialist Project Committee form, signed by the student’s committee.

3.     Have not been benefited with any other grants provided by the Graduate College or the Association throughout the same academic year.

We will cover up to $500 in purchasing software, providing transcription services, traveling expenses to conduct face-to-face interviews, purchasing a subscription to conduct surveys, analyzing data via consultation with statisticians, as well as other expenses that are pivotal to the investigation. 

Please know that in order to receive financial support for purchasing gift cards as an incentive for your research participant recruitment, you need to be able to provide us with identifiers of those who will receive the gift cards.

How to apply?

Please, follow this link to submit your request Data Collection Grant Application Form. Keep in mind that you must submit your request by the first day of the month in which you want your application to be considered for funding. The applicant will be notified of the decision via email within the first two weeks after having submitted their request. Applications are open all year round until funds are depleted.