Policy on Tate Center Space Allocation


Research is a critical mission of the College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University. Research is a dynamic process and research space needs to expand and contract. Moreover, the space needs of different types of research vary qualitatively and quantitatively. Enhancing the success of the College of Education and Human Development in all of its missions requires optimal utilization of space assets. Research space is finite in quantity and must be allocated and managed to ensure maximum productivity. Whenever possible, groups with similar interests or who need access to specialized equipment will be grouped together. As research has become more interdisciplinary, the sharing of research space by faculty from different entities is encouraged. Faculty will be allocated research space appropriate to their externally funded research needs.

Priorities for allocating space in the Tate center

Research space should be allocated according to the following priorities.

  • Space is only for staff paid by funded projects to carry out the proposed work. Master’s-level graduate students and trainees will use space the college has assigned to graduate students. Faculty will use their offices on main campus.
  • Preference is given to projects that bring in significant amounts of facilities and administration recoveries to the college.
  • Preference is given when space is needed for specialized research equipment.
  • Preference is given when storage is needed for sensitive or confidential data.
  • Preference is given to multiyear research projects.

Requests for space

The applicant will fill out the space request form. Tate center advisory committee will review the application and submit a recommendation to the dean of the college, who will then make the final decision. Requests for space will be reviewed at the quarterly Tate center advisory committee meetings.

Space assignments and renewal

Space will be granted for the length of one year with an option to renew or the actual length of the project if it is less than one year. Requests for renewal must be submitted 90 days prior to the end date of the one-year lease, using the same space request form. Notification of renewal status will be given 45 days prior to the end of the one-year lease. All equipment and materials must be removed from the space by the last day of the lease. At the end of the space assignment the space must be vacated and left in the original, clean condition.