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Graduate Studies Council:


Teaching and Research Awards

a photo of a teacher at the front of a classroom speaking.  She has a laptop that is open for a presentation, but at the moment is holding a piece of paper and speaking to the class about it.

The Graduate Studies Council has established two annual award programs to recognize graduate student contributions at Western Michigan University: the Graduate Research and Creative Scholar Awards and the Graduate Teaching Effectiveness Awards. The Graduate Research and Creative Scholar Awards were established in 1986 to acknowledge graduate students' contributions to the scholarly and artistic productivity of Western Michigan University. The Graduate Teaching Effectiveness Awards were established in 1998 to recognize effective teaching done at WMU by graduate students as assistants to faculty, as independent instructors, or in other capacities that directly promote and facilitate student learning.

Nominations for both programs are sought on an annual basis by the Graduate College. Departments are contacted early in the Spring semester regarding nomination procedures and deadline. Each department or unit with a graduate program may nominate one master's degree student and, where appropriate, one specialist and/or doctoral degree student for each of the two award programs.

See your advisor or department chair for application information.

Updated: 08/14/13