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Graduate Faculty Nomination Form Directions

While the majority of information requested on the Graduate Faculty Nomination Form is self-explanatory, some fields require further comment. It is our hope that the following descriptions will assist you in the completion of the form.

Department/Unit - Indicate the nominating department/unit.

Name - Indicate the nominee's full name as it appears in professional documents.

Rank - Indicate the nominee's academic rank at Western Michigan University. All Members of the graduate faculty must hold a board appointment as a precursor to nomination. The possible appointment types are at the ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. Associate Members who hold faculty board appointments may include any of the ranks indicated for Member.

a photo of a faculty member observing a student as they select art supplies from a bag.  This is a classroom setting where many students can be seen in the background working on various artistic paintings.

Those Associate Members who do not hold board appointments to the University have no official rank. These nominees typically fulfill certain prescribed functions of the graduate faculty, such as teaching courses, or service as an outside reader on theses, projects, and dissertations. Those who teach courses should be listed as Instructors; while those who provide service on theses, projects, or dissertations should be listed as Readers regardless of their ranks at other institutions.

Type of Appointment to the University - Indicate the nominee's type of University appointment. The choices are limited and include adjunct, emeriti, regular tenure-track, or temporary/term appointment. If the nominee holds a temporary/term appointment, indicate when the appointment expires. If the nominee is not affiliated with the University, write "none."

Period for Which Membership is Requested - The usual period of an appointment to membership in the Graduate Faculty is for a period of five years for Full Members and three years for Associate Members, but may be made for a shorter period. Appointments conform to the fiscal year, beginning July 1st of a given year to June 30th of the year specified on the appointment form. Appointments with effective dates other than July 1st may extend to a maximum of five and one-half years and expire on June 30th of the appropriate year. Any term of appointment that does not conform to the prescribed termination date will be modified by the Graduate College.

Field of Specialization - Indicate the nominee's field of specialization. Please be as specific as possible.

Experience: Academic or Equivalent - Indicate the nominee's academic preparation and related experience. Please indicate the degrees earned and the granting institutions.

Publication and Related Professional Accomplishments - Indicate the nominee's recent publications and professional accomplishments. Recent is defined as the previous five-year period. If necessary give a summary, e.g., "One book and five peer-reviewed articles."

Teaching and Related Professional Activities - Indicate the nominee's recent teaching and related activities. Recent is defined as the previous five-year period.

Other Specific Qualifications - Indicate any other qualifications of the nominee that are relevant to the appointment.

Reason for Request

Composition of Project and Dissertation Committees - Specialist Project and Doctoral Dissertation committees share the common element of requiring the appointment of a member to the committee from outside the student's department. This individual may be from a related cognate discipline, from outside the student's college, or from outside the University. If the outside member is from a related cognate discipline, or another college at the University and they hold a member appointment or associate member appointment (providing for service on committees) in their home unit, they may be utilized by other units for service on their committees without filing an additional nomination form. If, however, the outside member is from outside the University, or does not already hold a member or associate member appointment (providing for service on committees) in their home unit, the completion of a new nomination form is required.

Questions regarding appointments to the graduate faculty should be directed to Jennifer Holm.